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Now I know some of you may be thinking "Must I really go through the page to find this guy's resumé?" Allow me to put your worries to rest. I have taken the liberty of making the side navigation bar which will directly open my resumé in the main window. So should you desire, you may skip the basic information and browse my resumé directly.

Allow me to introduce myself formally. My name Alexander Lopez. Originally, I am from Allentown, Pennsylvania. Recently I re-enrolled to return to school to acquire an associates degree in Physical Therapy, so at the moment I am really only searching for something part time or third shift.

Years ago, I heard a quote that I find to be very accurate: "If I hear it, I'll forget; if I see it, I'll remember; but if I do it, I understand." It is for this reason I felt it would be more effective and efficient to design this page. Rather than write about various things I am able to do in a cover letter, why not just show you.

For those of you entering through Internet Explorer (IE), you've already seen the transitions for IE as well as some other HTML. Take a moment to view the various resumés I have posted. Before you ask "Why so many?", allow me to clarify. Each resumé was done in styles that would target different fields; it can be easier to find the information pertaining to your job opening. It's logical and more personalized this way. If you would also like a formal cover letter, one can be provided. Just click the "Email Me" link up top and then provide the company and contact and I will return a cover letter within 24 hours generally.

Thank you and enjoy your browsing.