Welcome to the Madness that is MY MIND

So now that you're here, I suppose you would like to know a bit about me... Very well, I will give you a bit of information then.

Born and mostly raised in the Northeastern part of the U.S. I've been all over the east coast and a few mid-western states within a short period of time. One thing that is apparent is no matter where I go, certain similarities always remain constant among the people. In short, everyone wants to achieve or be something MORE. I suppose this is the nature of humanity; striving to reach a goal. If the goal is achieved, a new one is created; if it is not, a replacement is created. In other words, people will probably never be content with what they have...even those who have everything will find something else to want.

A bit more on X: I tend to emphasize the "X" in my name generally because regardless of whom the association is with, there will always remain aspects of me and my life which will remain "unknown". It is not a factor of being secretive, but rather there are things about who and what I am I would prefer to leave unsaid and therefore unseen or heard.

I will provide some random information that pertains to my abnormalities though. For example:

As I said before though, I am always open to questions, and when asked MUST answer, so feel free to ask anything you would like to know about me.

I will still be adding to this page periodically, so if you have any suggestions, feel free to send them via the "Email Me" link at the top frame. That is all for now though.

-The X Factor-

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